'Bass In Your Face' is an illustration of one of my all-time favorite bass players Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five. The title is from a track of theirs called 'For Those Of Y'All That Wear Fanny Packs'

In doing this illustration I wanted to achieve a few things. The first is that I wanted to really push myself on drawing exaggerated perspective because awesomeness. Two, I wanted to capture the kick-@$$ energy of the way Sledge plays (to the best of my ability) in the way I inked and colored it.

When I inked this I used 0.3 Copic multiliner for the face because I have trouble with likenesses and I didn’t want to screw it up with a brush. I then used a brush with India ink for everything else.

I made a GIF of this as you can see as an after thought mostly because I’m trying to figure out how to make GIF animations that don’t suck(it’s a work in progress).

I’ve been doing a bunch of illustrations lately of my favorite musicians and I’ll do a Darren Jessee and maybe another Ben Folds one at some point. Next on the agenda though will either be Jack Conte or The Moody Blues.